Content Marketing

Market your content online with our unique content marketing service to rank for top search terms people are likely to search for to reach your website. We include the 'buzz' words within your content to help push the high traffic phrases by researching the competition and Google to ensure the content on your site has the edge to the competition.

Improve Your Website’s Traffic with Content Marketing

As a UK based content marketing agency, our services cover an array of techniques necessary to improve the optimisation of your content. Our strategy incorporates a number of key areas which we have developed over the time we have provided content marketing to our clients. When utilised together these techniques have vastly improved the visibility of our clients content online for their relevant phrases. This is due to our extensive research in keywords which have an association with the content we are marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a key area for any business that plans to market its website online through search engines. To optimise content requires a number of practices to be carried out to improve the likelihood of the website being found and displayed in Google’s search results. By definition, the better optimised the content, the better chance it has of appearing on page 1 of Google thus improving the visibility and traffic levels of your company. It doesn’t matter whether your company is located in London, Manchester or on the other side of the world, content marketing services, when carried out correctly, can provide a valuable source of traffic to your website.


Types of Content Marketing

You would be forgiven if you thought content marketing only surrounded text based information such as press releases, blog posts, guest posts, how-to guides, etc. however content marketing covers a huge array of content including videos, images, games, reviews and much more.

Video Content

Video marketing is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition by providing information to a customer in a number of different ways, whether it is product videos, interviews, how-to guides or interviews. When creating a video you must understand the demographics of your typical customer to help decide how your information should be put across to your customer, as this will help improve the response your videos receive.

Image Content

Using pictures, illustrations and Infographics when suitable can help improve the impact your content has on a person. This is because it can help amplify your message, grab a user’s attention and improve the explanation of information without necessarily needing text to go along with it. Images, just like videos, can be used in a variety of different ways whether it be used to make people laugh or shock a person, but this should depend entirely on your content it is accompanying.

5 Key Areas for Content Marketing

There are 5 key areas required to get the most out of your website’s content to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales for your business. These areas are:

  • Research the high volume phrases
  • Buzz word research (phrases typically searched for)
  • Optimised page structure
  • Page layout
  • Rich Snippets

High Volume Phrases

We use Google’s keyword planner to identify the key phrases within your industry that deliver the most searches each month to find your website. Using Google’s trends we identify phrases which are being extensively searched which we then incorporate into your website’s content. The better targeted your website’s content is to the researched phrases, the better chances of your website displayed higher up in Google’s search results.

Buzz Words

We carry out an analysis on the keywords which have the highest search volumes to produce a list of ‘buzz words’. These buzz words are then inserted into your website’s content on the relevant pages by either rewriting the content or adding to it with more information. These buzz words are acquired through a thorough analysis using a number of techniques we have developed to identify and filter down a list of the most relevant phrases.

Page Structure

We ensure the structure of your web pages are correct in order to get the most out of your website’s content. We check various areas on each of your web pages such as page titles, headings, images, videos and internal links to further improve the quality of your content and it’s effectiveness. Our main aim is to improve the chances of your website’s content appearing high in Google’s search results.

Page Layout

We look for areas on your website which can be further improved to provide your visitors with a better user-experience which can be acquired through ease of navigation, easy to read content and interactive areas. These changes are all made with the intention of improving your website’s conversion rate thereby resulting in increased sales/leads.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets provide your information to search engines which can then be utilised by them to produce more compelling snippets in their search results. We ensure information on your website is marked up with the correct coding to help search engines better understand your content, which as a result can further improve your website’s rankings thus increase the amount of clicks your website receives.